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Glidden Services

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Snowmobile Storage

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Short & Long term snowmobile storage

If you are traveling to the Millinocket area to go snowmobiling, you are probably trailering your machines with you each week, or weekend.  Now you have an affordable option!  We will store your sleds for you at our convenient location on Station Road.

We will have your machines ready for you when you arrive. They will be fueled up and full of oil. You provide the oil and we will fill the sleds with the grade of gasoline that you require.

When your trip is over, just drop the machines off at our storage unit.  We will fuel them up and place them inside of our secure storage building.

Did you have a breakdown on your last trip?  If so, we can take them to the nearest dealer and have them repaired for you!  You will need to authorize the maximum amount of repairs that you wish to have preformed.

1910 110X60 three floor post and beam sled storage

call us at 207-723-1448  We are located in Millinocket, Maine
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Glidden Services