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Glidden Services

View of Mt. Katahdin from the barn

Click here to visit us at our new website!

Our new site is "Maine Alternative Heat"

Alternative Heating
Coal & Coal Stove Sales
New England Wood Pellets
Bundled Campfire Wood

 Short & Long Term Snowmobile/RV Storage
Property Maintainence

  • Need cheap heat... Try Coal 
  • Automatic Stoker Coal Stoves
  • Not the old dirty coal
  • New England Wood Pellets
  • Large and small orders accepted
  • Hard wood bundles
  • Soft wood bundles
  • Combination bundles
  • Statewide delivery available

  • Don't trailer back and forth, base in the Katahdin Region, Millinocket
  • Secure, inside storage of all types and numbers of Snowmobiles
  • Call ahead to have machines ready to go for your upcoming trip
  • Fueling service available
  • Will take to nearest dealer for any repairs you may need for your next trip


Call 207-447-1002  We are located in Millinocket, Maine
email us at the link below

Glidden Services